Faith Formation

Students are taught to show respect and behave as Jesus did.

FaithSt. Mary’s Institute follows the Catholic teaching and doctrine. Religion classes are taught from K-8, and special religious programs are held at age-appropriate levels. Through a partnership with Catholic Charities of Fulton and Montgomery Counties, The Second Step is one such program that is designed to develop daily faith by living a moral life.

On holy days, we celebrate as a Catholic community with Masses held on-site. Prayers are regularly practiced every day, and religious items decorate all rooms. Students at St. Mary’s are taught to show respect, have a loving attitude, and behave as Jesus did. Our faith is evident in our daily routine and our interaction with each other. 

Faith Outreach

St. Mary’s has an active, out-reach mission with the public sector in Amsterdam and the Capital District. Blankets for Babies was collaboratively born from two teachers with a dream and a skill: to welcome new mothers and their babies with a shoebox filled with personalized baby items, namely, a hand-knit blanket and a hand-written blessing. As part of the religion program, eighth grade students are taught to knit (or crochet) and earn faith development. Students also write individual blessings to accompany each blanket made.

Around Mother’s Day, students donate their gifts, tour the local hospital’s maternity ward,and visit the Imaging Department.